Athlete of the Month

The August 2017 recipients of our Athlete of the Month Award are Amanda and Kate Cunningham from Father Ryan High School and Holy Rosary Middle School 
"In addition to volleyball, Amanda is also very dedicated to her family, faith, and academics."
-Sarah Klein
Volleyball Coach
"Kate is a natural leader, constantly finding herself at the front of a line ready to lead the group during warm-ups."  
-Victoria Sikes
Gymnastics Coach, Intrigue Athletics

Too often, athletes learn the importance of hard work and dedication at an age that leaves a trail of many regrets.  This month's dynamic due didn't take long to develop a work ethic that will lead them down a continual path of success.  For the first time in our Athlete of the Month initiative, we are recognizing two athletes with this honor.


Sisters Amanda and Kate Cunningham have progressively taken on challenges head-on.  13 year-old Amanda has spent most of her athletic life, pounding balls over the volleyball net.  As she prepares to explore new territory as a freshman volleyball player, she already possesses the attitude of a champion.  Her coach, Sarah Klein, says, "More than doing what's asked of her, she strives to understand and apply techniques/skills to improve her play every time she steps foot on the court."  Amanda hopes to continue making improvements on the court as she prepares to suit up for Father Ryan High School.  Coupled with her accomplishments as a USA High Performance volleyball athlete, Amanda has maintained a 4.0 GPA!  "As a student-athlete, she demonstrates a very strong, balanced work ethic and drive for success," says Coach Klein.  Another testament to Amanda's balance is displayed in her efforts to serve.  She has volunteered for Vacation Bible School, served as a student teacher-aid, and assisted with Field

Day at a local elementary school.  This young teenager seemingly does it all. Amanda hopes her hard work provides her the opportunity to play on the collegiate level.  We are looking forward to seeing you there Amanda! 


Amanda has set a great standard for her younger sister, Kate.  A true ball of energy, Kate has become a stand-out gymnast.  She has consistently excelled at meets and has even been amongst top performers in Tennessee for her age group.  At only 10 years-old, she has developed incredible focus.  Coach Victoria Sikes says, "She is the type of athlete who enters the gym with a purpose every time."  It's evident this focus is not limited to the gym.  Kate has made straight A's since first grade!  This type of commitment will surely open doors for Kate for years to come.  Kate feels that being a gymnast has taught her much more than tumbling.  She expresses her resilience has been developed by overcoming injuries and having the confidence in herself to keep pushing forward.  Her coach says, "Kate is the type of athlete that is striving for constant improvement."  Kate has hopes of progressing as a gymnast and also looking into opportunities to participate in competitive cheerleading. When she's not at gymnastics, she enjoys tubing, reading, and sand volleyball.  Kate has a tremendously bright future as a student-athlete and we look forward to enjoying her journey! 

The Cunningham sisters are great role models for young athletes who are looking to excel athletically, academically, and socially.  Athletes Can is proud to recognize Amanda and Kate for their accomplishments!