Athlete of the Month

The October 2017 recipient of our Athlete of the Month Award is Malachi Jordan from 
"Malachi is a relentless player who leads by example."
-Kendall Hoskins
Give and Go Basketball Coach

Watching youth sports is a time where families and friends come together to watch their children dabble in the fundamentals of various sporting activities. These are the times when sports are simple and pure.  It's most often a victory when these young athletes can simply remember which players are on their team. However, every now and then, you have those athletes who just seem to naturally excel above their young peers.  Our October 2017 Athlete of the Month, Malachi Jordan, is one of those special cases. This 8-year old has begin to bud at an early age and many have taken notice.  Malachi has been ranked as one of the top 3rd grade basketball players in the nation.  As a 2nd grader, he led his team to a national runner up finish at the USBA National Championship. He was awarded MVP in several tournaments and lead his team in points, assists, rebounds, and blocks.  "Malachi has the drive to take his natural talent to the next level through hard work and a tremendous desire to excel," says his coach, Kendall Hoskins. During the off-season, Malachi made intentional efforts to improve his quickness and he looks forward to seeing how this will translate to his athletic success.  


Malachi has not lost focus of his priorities amidst the attention he receives for his athletic abilities.  As an honor roll student, he continues to build upon his goal of pursuing a career in architecture.  When he's not practicing sports, Malachi is working hard to hone in on his drawing skills to better prepare for his professional endeavors.  He attends Waverly Belmont Elementary, where he has continuously excelled as a student. Coach Hoskins says, "The same work ethic that has made him such a good basketball player has made him a strong student."  Malachi has also found a way to stay around sports while serving his community.  His father is the founder of Prime Time Flag Football, a youth football league that teaches kids the fundamentals of football.  Malachi can often be seen helping his father set up the logistics to make the league run smoothly.  

Malachi has a bright future as a student-athlete and we look forward to watching him grow into one of the top athletes in the Mid-State.  Athletes Can is proud to recognize Malachi for his accomplishments!