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        Turkey Day Challenge


The annual Turkey Day Challenge challenges teams from Metro Nashville High Schools to collect non- perishable items and canned foods in a competition for which team can collect the most items from their student body.  All collected items will be donated in partnership to a local food bank to feed the homeless during the Thanksgiving holidays.  Members of each team will assist in the delivery of the goods to the food bank of our choice.


The team that collects the most items will receive a trophy and a sponsored meal for their dedication to serving their community and leading their student body in such a commendable endeavor.

 College Football Symposium


This CFS is designed to serve as a moment of transition for high school football players that have intentions on furthering their careers as college athletes. This is event will give meaningful insight to Academics, Social Life, & Amateurism. Athletes, former athletes, and personnel from a variety of sports related entities will educate these young men on the various elements surrounding college athletics. 


Each student-athlete may be accompanied by up to 2 immediate guardians or coaches.  



              Camp B.O.L.D.
At AC, we recognize the importance of understanding the fundamentals of leadership.  Leadership is extremely paradoxical and we want to break down various coping strategies to tackle the challenges of leading. 
Camp B.O.LD. is a 3 -day/ 2-night camp that will involve intense mental and physical activities that will force student-athletes to think outside of the box and give insight to leadership strategies that our student- athletes can use for a lifetime.  We will create challenging, critical thinking exercises that force camp participants to work collaboratively. 

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is to provide a safe and nurturing place

where female student-athletes can develop,

cultivate, and enhance their skills in building healthy relationships, effective communication, and technical skills to advance their career aspirations and become role models for their communities.


This program will focus on the essential training and skill development to ensure their success in any environment by cultivating their academic, social, and mental capability through a collage of hands-on activities that inspire healthy conversation about frequently overlooked topics.  Girls entering their senior year of high school will be educated by community leaders, coaches, and other respective individuals that will nurture them with proper guidelines for representing themselves as progressive young women.


Bowtie Bonanza

This 1 day program is designed to educate high school male student- athletes on the fundamentals, essentials, and importance of dress etiquette.


We take male student-athletes to local businesses to collect shirts and ties in addition to hosting seminars in which we and business professionals speak about the importance of dress in various areas of the workplace.

Career Carousel

Our Career Carousel is designed to build upper- class collegiate student athletes with the capacity to market their values by giving them an in-depth exposure to the process of career attainment.


This event will take student-athletes through the cycle of attaining a job and will culminate by giving these student-athletes an opportunity to utilize this knowledge and skill to market themselves to various job recruiting personnel.  This event will break this cycle into three phases that include: Interviewing 101, Résumé Building 101, Interview Cycle, and a Job Fair.  

         Christmas On Wheels



Christmas On Wheels is our annual bicycle giveaway that we do during the Christmas Holidays.  We partner with members of our community to provide bicycles for over 100 kids ranging from 5 years old to 11 years old.  This event gives many kids the Christmas gift of their dreams and provides a loving atmosphere to many families that do not typically enjoy the holiday season.





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